Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Half Life of One

At long last I have in my hands Bill Liversidge's new novel A Half Life of One, and a beautiful thing it is. It is currently available through Amazon. Do yourself a favor.

We are trying to arrange an interview with the author, but he remains, as always, elusive. No doubt there are better avenues to publicity than this humble blog, but we will persist, and we hope that eventually he'll be convinced to come have a chat. His picture is below. If you see him, a word in his ear would not go amiss.


Debi said...

He's gone all purple! I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of my copy.

Oh and can I have one of those hats, please?

Minx said...

Wow, Pund, you is like a proper awfur now.

And such taste in colour!

leslie said...

Who is that handsome dude with the soul patch? Cocky hat, too.

leslie said...

By the way, Wordcarver Sir, your sidebar photos are always evocative.

pundy said...

I'm purple because I'm blushing.

Debi said...

I think that's actually a bruise, Pund.

You've been beating yourself up again, haven't you? (Unless it was your wife ...)