Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tools of the Trade

I notice, putting pen to paper,
the absence of a line behind
the chased bill of my trusty Shaeffer.
There comes a certain peace of mind
to find the line I tried to write
has dried to powder overnight.

Less to cancel, less to think,
less misgiving and mistaking,
less for postage, less for ink,
less back and head and belly aching.
I’ll print a whole empty book,
buy myself a Meisterstuck.


pundy said...

That last couplet is a pretty clever rhyme. Neat poem overall.

Minx said...

"I’ll print a whole empty book,
buy myself a Meisterstuck."

No, you won't.

Nothingman said...

i can't buy a Meiserstuck...they are too expensive. Pencils are the best :)

Good poem, heard your book is coming out, good luck for that!