Monday, December 03, 2007

My Uncle

Joe used to
say, Kid, live
fast, die young,
and have a
corpse, which I
knew he’d got
from some old
movie full
of black and
white bookies,
broads and bars,
but that's what
he always
used to say,
and he did,
except for
the last part,
about which
the less said
the better,
but, as he
also used
to like to
say, two out
of three ain’t
too bad.


Minx said...

I can't remember any of my relatives imparting any useful information but my grandmother once said that 'anyone who starches their drawers will end up stiff before their time' - so I don't.

Julie said...

Ma always used to say 'Learn by someone else's mistakes and not your own...'

Deeply appreciate the visual impact of your photography and the blog as a whole; and the choice lines such as

'the compass gimbaled in your heart...'