Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Be The Reverse

They’re fucked up, your girls and boys.
No use denying it; it’s true.
At first they only broke their toys,
now they’re bent on breaking you.

It never should have come to this;
the schools, the teams, the ballet classes,
the never failing goodnight kiss;
all that for these jackasses?

We ourselves were raised by clods
who’d barely made it from the cave;
but we contrived to beat the odds:
we took our lumps, and we forgave.

We scrapped the wrong our parents did.
We set ourselves to building trust;
now our trusting, rotten kids
are all fucked up. But not by us.

Science points to peers, milieu,
while parents largely get ignored,
so as you bid your kids adieu,
don’t feel guilty. Lock the door.


Debi said...

I blame politicians - but then I would!

Minx said...

So, I am exonerated and can freely blame that piss midget down the road for the Fecker's bad behaviour? Oh cool.

John said...


leslie said...

It's the milieu! I knew it!

Cailleach said...

Ah. Larkin has a lot to answer for...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dad! Kinda like that bumpersticker:
"Your kids are tripping"
love, your ever loving nothing like that poem daughter mo

Roberta said...

This made me laugh out loud!

sexy said...