Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Legend of Good Women

The woman is the better half:
we hear it every day,
but the better half of what is what
they always fail to say.

We all recall Penelope
for steadfastness and tact;
her silken weavings drove them mad,
brought Odysseus back.

But did she pine for all those years?
Was anything amiss?
No. Her heart was wholly occupied
by her Telemachus.

She held him on his birthing day
as a mother only can;
it was then that old Odysseus
became a traveling man.


Cailleach said...

Says who, what Penelope thought or did? Homer was too busy telling us what Odysseus was up to, to catch up with the news homeside... ;)

John said...

She was fending off the suitors, wasn't she? Couldn't remarry until she'd woven a burial shroud for Odysseus' dad, Laertes. Weave by day, unravel by night. Neat, eh? Homer describes it.

Servants eventually snitched, so she then challenged the suitors to draw her husband's bow, leading to their slaughter by the disguised Odysseus.

Atyllah said...

Very droll ;-)

Cailleach said...

bet oul Laertes stunk a wee bit, lying around that long... ;)

John said...

Bet they all did...