Friday, February 09, 2007

Skint's Latest Challenge

may be found here .

Who are we?

intellects gleaming
forgetting to breathe

hurting each other
forgetting to see

I am a bundle of love
you are

a contradiction,
in a universe

of words in columns,
honed versus honied,

always contending,
true love, true steel.


Minx said...

Who are you, Mr Carver? Very clever with words, is what I think.

Shameless said...


I've caught a few whispers and hints of you here and there ... and now here you are, in a real place!

I'm so pleased to have stumbled on your blog ... Word Carving; lovely name.

The poems here are great. Have you published any?

I would like to exchange links, if that's OK. :)

John said...

Minx, you know who I am...but thanks, I think.

Shameless, welcome and thank you. Haven't sent any out for almost thirty years. Some are that old and glad to be seeing some daylight. Link? Done! Love your music.