Wednesday, April 04, 2007


loved the ladies
and his brew and he
would sit on any
glass not destitute,
whistle wet until
the cuckoo clucked and
then flap crapulous
back to his little
blue bit of fluff next
door. And this went on
for years, until the
day he ran in
to the big


Anonymous said...

I liked flap crapulous
I had a parrot once and I know they are ...
Sorry about the crash into the glass.

Minx said...

Poor Petey - but can't say I'm sorry. They would be alright if they didn't flap! Still, or dead, is good.

John said...

Welcome, Mr Mutley, and thanks. Coming from you, a true wit, that means something. But don't be sorry, he never knew what hit him. Drunk or sober, he wasn't very bright...

Minx, you are truly heartless, aren't you? With your ciggie holder and evening gloves, smirking at me poor lifeless budgie...

Minx said...

Carver! How could you call me heartless? I love all the little fluffy things, I just don't like flappy birds, or half birds like the cat brings in. Birds are lovely as long as they are somewhere over ...........there.

Trang said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
This captures my belief that nothing is new to us, all is already pronLondon Escort Girls