Monday, April 23, 2007

The Sacrifice

man on
my street to
day brought out his
kid and had him baste
himself with Vaseline
and gasoline and just like
Abraham come home again he
bummed a match and balancing on the
highwire of his faith he struck a light and
waited for the Lord to come suggest he use
a lamb instead but then a white dove fluttered from
thin air (the air thin with miracles) and set himself
ablaze for all to see (proclaiming no doubt the
sacrifice of the spirit) but a burning
feather settled in the can and did all
the onlookers to a greasy turn,
all except the boy who didn’t
burn for some reason, only
sat there singing merri-
ly merrily mer-
rily merri-
ly life is
but a


Canterbury Soul said...

great structure, wonderful story.

Atyllah said...

Wow! Brilliant. At a loss for words.

Minx said...

You Atyllah? Lost for words?

Nice pome, but that bird is flapping Carver, stop it now.

L.M.Noonan said...

Evocative and inspiring