Thursday, July 19, 2007


In Eden nothing went amiss;
they didn’t have a use for gray,
just a chain of perfect days,
an unremitting happiness

to visit on the primal pair,
who lacked for nothing; all was there
to simply pick, hanging low,
all the loaded branches bowed

to an earth that rioted with life,
and all was plenty, all was ease,
and Adam and his bony wife
were happy aborigines.

For a time. (If time could be
where nothing happened, nothing changed,
where nothing could be rearranged
by order of His Majesty...)

But soon, dreaming of her dreams
inspired Eve to coin the scream;
Adam asked her what it was:
“Because, Addy; just because.”

Then, leaving Adam at his chapel,
Eve got hungry for an apple,
decided she should go to college,
tasted of the Tree of Knowledge.

The Old Man was steamed, of course;
He stormed up on His highest horse
to cast them out. Adam prayed.
Eve was skipping all the way.


Minx said...

A smile before work - thank you, John (skips off).

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Amen... John.

And Amen again.

Minx sent me here a while back, and I've lurked but I don't like doing that, so hello and thank you.

Very good poem.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore (the lion)

John said...

Thank you, Scarlett, and welcome. And for the record, Minx sent me here, too.

Pee ess (to coin a phrase): lurking is a dirty-sounding word for reading. I do it all the time--and have on your site, so...

Minx said...

Sent you? Heh.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh that was just brilliant! :-) More please.

Poetess said...

Hi John

I just loved your site. Only found it today. You are very talented. your poems are just great.

Will be back