Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Birthdays come to get us all,
an equity which seems unfair
enough to warrant alcohol,

but let’s not part with any hair:
youth’s no earthly paradise,
and life’s not a flight of stairs.

It’s always youth for sacrifice,
to stuff with misbegotten lore;
for youth’s tuition, youth’s the price,

birthdays make us wise, if sore;
if knotty heads undo no walls,
they recognize an open door.

Birthdays come to get us all;
take your vengeance at the mall.


Debi said...


John said...

Yeah, Debi, just sorry to have missed yours--29th? Mine's the 28th, and Zelly's is the 26th. Happy happy.

Minx said...

I hope vengeance was sweet. I have already observed the day belonging to the Queen of Nirvana, so happy day to you, Carver, belatedly (and to Zelly, who looks like a little tinker).

Absolute Vanilla... (& Atyllah) said...

Happy Birthday - albeit a bit late!

John said...

Thank you, Abs. And I am happy, to be alive at all.

L.M.Noonan said...

happy belated birthday greetings. I always feel completely out of my depth on your site, reading your wonderful poems. I rarely comment because I'm not poetry literate. I acn only say that they are very good.